6 Benefits of Teaching Kids to Play Chess

Chess is a game of wits and composure. Chess has been played in India for centuries and considered one of the best board games across the world. Unlike any outdoor sport, Chess teaches us to use our mind to outsmart the opposition.

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It has been observed that Chess helps kids to hone their mental skills and it is beneficial for a child in many ways.

Sharpen Their Minds

While playing Chess, the only tool you can use is your mind. While playing Chess, kids show amazing mental growth. Playing Chess on a regular basis sharpens the mind of the kids and help them develop cognitive skills which will help them throughout their lives.

Helps Kids to Concentrate

Brain like any other muscles of the body needs polishing and the more you use it, the better it gets, it’s as simple as that. Playing Chess requires continuous brain-storming and thinking of new moves as the game progresses. A game of chess requires undivided attention on every move which helps kids to develop better concentration with academics.

Keep Them Healthy

Medical studies clearly show that playing chess keeps your mind fresh and decreases the risk of dementia as well as Alzheimer’s because playing chess improves brain functioning. It also reduces the chances of anxiety and depression in kids.

Increases Kids IQ

Now it’s a normal conception that smart people play chess and it’s not further from the truth. It’s not that smart people play chess because playing chess can also make you smarter. A study showed that 4000 Venezuelan students both boys and girls showed IQ scores after 4 months of chess instruction. 

Improves Kid’s Memory

While playing chess, isn’t always about reacting to your opponents move, you have to plan your moves, remember what moves your opponent made and then move forward with a plan. All this helps your kid to remember better and have a good memory.

Inspire Creativity

It is a well-known fact that both sides of your brains perform different functions. One side of the brain helps you with the analysis while the other helps with creativity and in chess, we require both simultaneously. So chess helps kids develop a habit of using both sides of their brain to get results making them more creative in life.

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