7 Interesting Facts About Chess That Kids Will Love

We have already discussed in previous articles how playing chess can be very beneficial for your kid’s mind. Playing chess helps kids develop analytical thinking and focus. Although there are many benefits of playing chess, its not easy to get your kids interesting in playing chess in this age of technology where every kid just want to play video games.

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Here, we have some interesting facts about Chess which might make your kid a little more interested in playing chess.

Chess Is One Of The Oldest Games In The World

Everyone knows that Chess has been around for a long time, but a few know that Chess is, in fact, one of the oldest games played by us. It is estimated to be originated around 600 AD.

The Exact Origin Year And Place Of Chess Is Still In Mystery

Although we have estimated that the origin of chess is around 600 AD, we can say for sure as there is no concrete information available on the matter. Most historians believe Chess to be originated from India.

Chess Board Is A Mini Model Of Medieval Life

The King, The Queen, Rooks, Bishops, Knights, and Pawns all make for a pretty medieval setting. Chess is like a small representation of life in medieval ages where armies fought with similar tactics.

No One Knows Who Invented Chess And When

Even though historians agree that Chess might have originated from India, the exact inventor of the game is unknown. There are a number of theories regarding the inventor of the game but no one knows for sure.

The Chess As We Know It Evolved In the 1400s

The Chess we play in modern times evolved in the 1400s with a number of rules changing. There were many changes in rules which further evolved into the game we play now.

The Mysterious Mechanical Turk

During the 1700s, an inventor named Wolfgang von Kempelon created a so-called machine that could play chess. It tricked people for 84 years before they found out that the machine was driven by a person sitting inside.

Different Eras Of Chess

Chess has been around for a long time meaning it has seen different eras where rules of the game and approach of the players change. As we know there is no fixed way to play chess, players from different era used different techniques.

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