How Chess Sharpens The Mind Of Young Kids?

As an adult, when I think back, I think about playing board games with my brother or mom. It was one of the best times of my life when use to learn new things every day by just playing games. When you think of chess, it’s not the first choice game for a kid but it really should be. There are a number of different reasons as to why kids should start to play chess from a young age.

The best answer: It helps them develop their brain.

We have discussed a number of mental benefits of playing chess from a young age and how playing chess can also teach kids some very important life lessons. According to the book, Thinking With Chess by Dr. Alexey Root, kids can start learning to play chess as early as age 5. 

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At the tender age of 5, kids start to develop their thought process and shape their personality. Playing chess can help them develop analytical thinking as well as a problem-solving approach.

Leadership Skills

Playing chess improves leadership skills in kids. While playing the game, they are like the general marching the army and making every decision moving forward. This experience helps them to make decisions in real life as well.

Academic Performance

Playing chess improves the academic performances of kids. It is studied that kids who play chess from a young age have better memory and analytical skills which helps them to do better in academics.

Valuable Life Lessons

When kids play chess on a regular basis they learn new things every day. We have already discussed many life lessons that kids can learn from chess in earlier articles. Some of them are:

Always look at the bigger picture rather than just one place.

Always be yourself, everyone has their unique way to play the game of chess as well as the game of life.

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