How to make chess fun to play?

Chess is usually thought of as a game played by intellectual people. People who sit around the table for hours formulating strategies for clever moves to beat the opponent. Doesn't that sound boring?

Usually, our idea of something being a fun-filled activity is creative pursuits like dance, singing, acting, drama or painting. But what if we can bring a twist to the game and make things fun and exciting?

Use a Timer

Speed usually brings thrill and excitement. You can put a timer to each turn. Say give every player 30 sec of time to evaluate all his options and take his turn. Use a watch glass for keeping time. It will convert your game from a long boring activity to a thrilling match.

Pick a bet

Betting is usually not a good habit. But it brings with it the fear of losing and the thrill of a win. If there is something at stake, we tend to give it our best shot. Make sure you don't bet valuable things and don't make it a regular habit. Or even better bet for a treat. The looser gives treat to the winner at the restaurant of their choice.

Chess mixed with beer

A Coup of Tea with speed chess is all it takes to make the evenings delightful. It will make things fun and unblock your mind. And help you make all the crazy moves. Just make sure you intake smaller amounts of it and not in heavy amounts. And also don't make it a regular habit.

Put a little music in the background

What's more relaxing than a game of chess with friends and nature sounds in the background. Ocean waves, Birds chirping, Jingling bells, Playing flute are all mood boosters which uplifts the soul and mood.

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