Important Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Playing Chess

We have already talked about the benefits of playing chess for young minds. It is an amazing 1-on-1 board game which helps your kid develop some great qualities and learn a few life lessons. Within the rules and regulations, there are millions of different ways a game of chess can progress and it depends on the player to move forward in a way they prefer.

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In this article, we will take a look at some important lessons that a game of chess can teach us.

Decision Making

When you are playing against an opponent, you have to make moves by analyzing your opponent’s. With every move, you may have to make new decisions regarding your strategy. With every move you make to capture your opponent’s pieces, they will be making their own moves. 

Time Management

Rapid Chess is a form of chess in which the players are given a limited amount of time to complete the match. Even in a simple game of chess, players are clocked and are required to complete their moves within a time period. This helps kids with time management which can have positive effects in their lives.


There is no fixed set of moves in chess that will guarantee your victory. It requires continuous strategizing to make better moves. Players need to continuously analyze the board and make strategies to keep their pieces safe and attacking the opponent at the same time.


Avery important aspect of chess is that you have to simultaneously attack and defend. It's on the player which approach he takes, some players follow a defensive approach while some prefer attacking. When the board is spread, you may require to sacrifice your piece to capture opponent on the other section of the board.

Learning From Defeats

There is something about failing, you will always learn a lesson from it if you have tried your best. In a 1-0n-1 game, there will be a winner and a loser but playing the game itself helps you develop skills by learning from the defeats.


Halfway through the game when the board is spread, there will be more than one good moves but its important to foresee the game and prioritize the moves on their merit.

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